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Wellness News
September 17 , 2008

It seems that the summer sped by this year and we are again at the time of year where the days are shorter, the weather is cooler and we gear up for winter. With the onset of Fall, we typically take up our old routines and schedules, as the kids go back to school. This is the perfect time of year to add in healthy habits too.  

As we mentioned last month, there have been changes at Barry Family Chiropractic. First and foremost, we would like to officially introduce you to our new receptionist, Seliah. We are so pleased to have her on our team, serving you and keeping us on track.

Seliah is available to assist our patients Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8-3. If you have not had the pleasure of meeting her, please feel free to introduce yourself on your next trip into the office.  

In this newsletter there is information for fitting your child for their backpack, information on ADHD and we re-visit the amazing Olympic athletes and their tape. Our recipe of the month will have you drooling for vegetables that are in season.

Remember, if ever there are any topics you would like us to include in our newsletter or if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at info@sbchiropractic.com.

In This Issue

Back to School is Time to Check Child Backpacks
Because carrying a backpack improperly, or one that is too heavy, can cause a child to have immediate and long-term back....more

Kinesiotape: Treating you like a Gold Medal Athlete
This month I decided to allow the experts to speak for me. As seen in the current publication of the Santa Barbara Independent...more

Dr. Nicole's Kid Corner: ADHD Dietary and Chiropractic Support
ADHD is a serious health concern in today’s young generation, leaving parents feeling helpless to change the situation or...more

Orange Glazed Sweet Potatoes

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