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January 20, 2010

A New Year and A New You

So many of us start out the new year with resolutions, or intentions, that we hope will last throughout the year. Many I have heard deal with improving health, stopping bad habits, mending old relationships, “slowing” down the pace of our hectic lives. We start off doing really well and then life happens. When March shows up on the calendar, we have slid back into our “old” ways.

Remember, if you are still “deciding” on your resolutions, to keep them simple and attainable. If you have a HUGE goal this year, break it into manageable steps that you can accomplish in a few weeks and as my mom says, “put your nose to the grindstone”.

Improving health is a category most of us choose to improve in the New Year and as your healthcare providers, we want to support you!

Our hope for you all is that 2010 is different. That this year, the good intentions stay at the top of the to-do list, the bad habits stay away and you are able to stop and smell the roses.

A new year and a new you, an improved you, a happier and healthier you, a less stressed you!

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